Wednesday, March 6, 2024


 Last month, Travis and I went with friends to Mexico.
We had the best time and were able to relax, while listing to the ocean which is our favorite.

We had a long day of travel, leaving home at 3am. We arrived to the resort after dark and wondered what the heck our view would be...

We woke up to a beautiful view.

Day one was spent at the pool. We enjoyed our company and drinks. I didn't read much of this book...

Day two was spent going into town. It was fun to walk into the shops and the streets were fascinating. We shopped and went to a local restaurant for lunch.

All of the architecture and paintings were incredible.

It was also the Super Bowl so we enjoyed watching the game by the pool with an amazing buffet of food and a little too much tequila!

We went golfing on day three. The course was beautiful but I rode around and enjoyed the views while Travis and the others golfed.

I may dress the part...but I'm better riding!

I was so impressed with how well the course looked considering it was 90 degrees.

This view never got old... a sunset at the ocean is the best.

On Tuesday, day four, we went on a boat tour of the seven bays. It might have been my favorite.
We snorkeled off the boat and jumped off the diving board into the ocean. So much fun!

They stopped at a little town and we ate at a local restaurant. It was a glimpse into the local way of life.

Of course we finished the day with a swim in the ocean, looking for sea shells.

On Valentines Day, we started our day getting a couples massage. It was the best!

The view from the room we got our massage in was incredible!

Then lunch by the pool!

On day six we went on another excursion. We headed to a waterfall.

We stopped at a co-op on the way and then hiked to the waterfall.

You crawl through the waterfall, into a cave. Once inside, you can swim in the pool behind the fall.

Walking through the rainforest, there were so many incredible plants.

They fed us an authentic lunch and it hit the spot! So good.

On the walk out, we stopped and swam in another pool and tried out the rope swing!

We came during their dry season so everything was really brown but it was still beautiful.

Our resort was beautiful and the average age was 60+ so it was quiet. I did appreciate this!

The last day we were there Travis experienced sickness and spent his day in the hotel room....
I spent my day at the pool, finishing my book and...

getting a sunburn!

The next morning and he was feeling so much better!

Goodbye Mexico, you were fun!

I have to share what we brought back for Colson. It was so fun and since he loves Toucans, when Travis saw this, we knew we had to bring it back!

We stayed at the Secrets Resort in Huatulco. Until this trip, I'd never even heard of this town. It's very small south on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. 

I always suggest a beach vacation during the winter months!

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