Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Charlee's Easter Basket

 I'm so ready for spring. I love the spring weather, holidays, get togethers, baseball...all of it!
I've been looking for fun things to fill the kids' Easter baskets so I thought I'd share.
We keep our baskets pretty simple and fill them with things they're going to need anyways.

Jelly Cat stuffed animals are about the only stuffed animals that I actually love. I've always loved this flamingo, it's so sweet, especially in person.

I usually buy the kids Natives but this year all three requested Crocs. Sigh...

These are my favorite bows. Charlee gets the monthly subscription but these are fun for spring.

All my kids use this size of Stanley and it's perfect for them.

This swimming suit is so cute! I love the little cut out on the side.

Does anyone else go through a million pairs of socks with their kids? 

I will also say that I can find a million cute things to put into Charlee's basket. The boys are much harder for me. Bows and cute clothes are much more fun to buy!

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