Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week was so much better than last since everyone was healthy! I’m sharing some favorites from our week…

I was busy making dinner one evening and looked over to find these two talking and staying close the the fire! It instantly made me happy. Those long legs are my favorite but also make me a little sad at how quickly our kids are growing up!

Peyton’s favorite socks hit the trash this week. I have no idea how this doesn’t bother him, or why he refuses to get rid of them! 

I saw a banner like this one and didn’t want to spend the money on it. So I made one. I’m not sure if I actually saved but I practiced my sewing skills and it’s my new favorite!

This kind of morning is my favorite. Quiet, dark, with coffee and Jesus devotional.

Voting will always be my favorite! I made my way to the polls early and kid free. That never happens!

The kids made their way outside before school to enjoy the first real snow of the year!

I helped with the Wagon Ho fourth grade field trip yesterday. I was in charge or the branding station. I love being able to volunteer for these activities!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Friday, November 4, 2022

Weekend Happies

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend we very low key which was nice after the crazy of Halloween. However, I spent my weekend trying to get over being sick.

I’m sharing a few things that brought happiness to us…

On Friday, I took the kids to get a donut and this little scene made me super happy. Colson is not a morning person but he gives into his sister, most of the time, and the Littles were very happy eating their chocolate donuts!

Knowing this is finally packed away for another year made me happy! It’s a lot of work…

My Dad took the kids to an event at school since I wasn’t feeling great and when they got home, everyone was excited to learn! We didn’t even make it out of the entry way!

This makes me so emotional to read. But I am also happy that I’m their chosen Mom, who gets to teach them about Jesus. 🖤

These three make me so happy! They seem to be in a sweet spot right now as far as getting along and helping each other. Makes my mama heart very happy.

Date night…

Plus three!!! After spending the week cooped up. Travis knew I could use a night of fun!

However, lots of down time make me happiest!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! This week has been a doozy. I went to bed on Monday feeling very tired only to wake up Tuesday morning feeling horrible. I finally feel better! So my favorites from the week are short and sweet!

These two kept me company while I spent two days on the couch. Charlee pulled half of her room out and kept herself entertained!

My favorite nurse. All the kids were extra sweet! Colson offered to make dinner, which he probably could have done.

Doggy got a bath so of course some snuggles were in order after he got out of the dryer!

My Aunt dropped off my favorite Oreos!

And I went to bed fairly early and was able to read!
I really want to dive into this book!

I hope you’ve had a good week and stay well!

Monday, October 31, 2022

Weekend Recap

Happy Halloween, friends! This past weekend was full of all the festive fun! Here’s a look at some of the fun…

We started the fun at the boys’ school for trunk or treat.
Last minute, I changed what I was planning on doing for our trunk and it was quick but I thought it turned out fun!

My little witch handed out the candy and loved it!

Love my Harry Potter!

And my army man!

We stopped by the hospital to see Papa Les and show him our costumes.

He also shares his dinner with a little witch!

On Saturday, I rode in the Witches Brigade with friends.
I had so much fun decorating my bike, getting dressed up, and particularly in this event!

The kids came down to watch!

We went to visit Jo and share some gluten free cake!

On Saturday night, we finally had special popcorn that was extra festive for Halloween!

Doggy got a new Halloween bandanna!

The kids loved seeing the hot air balloons on our way into church yesterday.

We headed back to church last night for the Truck or Treat!

They have food trucks and so many activities.

Peyton and his best friend were both military men!

We had the best weekend! I don’t know what it is but I’ve really enjoyed this month and Halloween season this year! I’m not ready to put away the decorations yet! 

I hope you had a great weekend and have a safe Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been so busy. A holiday week is always crazy. Technically Halloween isn’t until Monday but all the fun started yesterday.

Here’s some favorites from our week…

This week is Red Ribbon week and dress up days have passed along to my boys! It makes me so happy that they enjoy dressing up. My favorite day was wear your sunglasses. These boys are too cool for drugs!

Charlee had her Halloween party in preschool and she rocked the dancing and singing. She is so reserved and shy at school, so different than at home. Watching her have fun and come out of her shell a little bit is my favorite!

We are working hard on tracing her name. She insisted on doing it upside down. Seeing how much she’s improved is my favorite because when we started I thought she may never catch on.

I hosted bookclub last night! Hosting people is my favorite! I love any excuse to fill my home with people, bake or cook for them, and enjoy their company.

October’s book is always a thriller and I love a theme…

I had lemonade with strawberry daiquiri mixer in shots. With a side of fangs for the drink. There were some other not as fun options too.

I had frozen gloves with water so we could have hands in the ice bucket! My children thought this was the best part!

I made a small charcuterie board complete with a skeleton, spiders, eyeballs, and teeth!

The pumpkin spice cake was one that I’ve wanted to try for almost two years but I’d gotten so burnt out on cakes. I finally felt like baking just because I wanted to and it was so good!!! Pumpkin pie but make it a cake…

Okay, this is how I’m currently feeling about my week…naps are my favorite but usually when I’m the one sleeping.

I can almost see the finish line for the week. I just need to make it through two more class parties and a trunk or treat today. Then I’ll be in my sweats and eating pizza!

I hope you have the best Friday and weekend!