Friday, March 8, 2024

Friday Favorites

 I'm sharing some favorites from out week...

A coffee and a hat that covers hair that desperately needed washed are high on my favorite list.

It snowed a couple days this week and it lead to cozy days at home. We took advantage with naps! Next year, Charlee will be in school everyday so these moments are my favorite!

I had a ladies night this week so the kids hung out with Dad in the shop. Their FAVORITE for sure!

Daisy's least favorite activity is getting a bath but her favorite activities always lead to this...
digging in the flower pots and running in the ditch.

Daisy snuggles are our favorite...

Lunch with these two was a favorite.

By the way, our favorite cat is still around. He's mainly just hanging out in the bedroom by himself now.

This is my new favorite essential oil diffuser blend. It will be in my house all spring long!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Boys' Easter Basket

As I mentioned on Tuesday, Charlee's basket was way more fun to put together but I managed to find a few things that I know the boys will love!


Again with the Crocs for the boys. Peyton wants orange this year and Colson loves the white ones.

The Jelly Cats have so many fun options. Peyton is obsessed with Weiner dogs and Colson loves Toucans. I feel like Colson might be getting to the age that he's over stuffed animals but I know he'll just put this on his shelf with all his other toucans. 

Socks are always needed and also a great filler. These ones are super fun!

I love this color of Stanley. It's the school color and bright!

It wouldn't be an Easter basket without swimming suits. The alligator ones are fun for Peyton and I thought Colson would like the parrot ones. I couldn't find toucans. 

Good luck putting together Easter baskets!

Wednesday, March 6, 2024


 Last month, Travis and I went with friends to Mexico.
We had the best time and were able to relax, while listing to the ocean which is our favorite.

We had a long day of travel, leaving home at 3am. We arrived to the resort after dark and wondered what the heck our view would be...

We woke up to a beautiful view.

Day one was spent at the pool. We enjoyed our company and drinks. I didn't read much of this book...

Day two was spent going into town. It was fun to walk into the shops and the streets were fascinating. We shopped and went to a local restaurant for lunch.

All of the architecture and paintings were incredible.

It was also the Super Bowl so we enjoyed watching the game by the pool with an amazing buffet of food and a little too much tequila!

We went golfing on day three. The course was beautiful but I rode around and enjoyed the views while Travis and the others golfed.

I may dress the part...but I'm better riding!

I was so impressed with how well the course looked considering it was 90 degrees.

This view never got old... a sunset at the ocean is the best.

On Tuesday, day four, we went on a boat tour of the seven bays. It might have been my favorite.
We snorkeled off the boat and jumped off the diving board into the ocean. So much fun!

They stopped at a little town and we ate at a local restaurant. It was a glimpse into the local way of life.

Of course we finished the day with a swim in the ocean, looking for sea shells.

On Valentines Day, we started our day getting a couples massage. It was the best!

The view from the room we got our massage in was incredible!

Then lunch by the pool!

On day six we went on another excursion. We headed to a waterfall.

We stopped at a co-op on the way and then hiked to the waterfall.

You crawl through the waterfall, into a cave. Once inside, you can swim in the pool behind the fall.

Walking through the rainforest, there were so many incredible plants.

They fed us an authentic lunch and it hit the spot! So good.

On the walk out, we stopped and swam in another pool and tried out the rope swing!

We came during their dry season so everything was really brown but it was still beautiful.

Our resort was beautiful and the average age was 60+ so it was quiet. I did appreciate this!

The last day we were there Travis experienced sickness and spent his day in the hotel room....
I spent my day at the pool, finishing my book and...

getting a sunburn!

The next morning and he was feeling so much better!

Goodbye Mexico, you were fun!

I have to share what we brought back for Colson. It was so fun and since he loves Toucans, when Travis saw this, we knew we had to bring it back!

We stayed at the Secrets Resort in Huatulco. Until this trip, I'd never even heard of this town. It's very small south on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. 

I always suggest a beach vacation during the winter months!

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Charlee's Easter Basket

 I'm so ready for spring. I love the spring weather, holidays, get togethers, baseball...all of it!
I've been looking for fun things to fill the kids' Easter baskets so I thought I'd share.
We keep our baskets pretty simple and fill them with things they're going to need anyways.

Jelly Cat stuffed animals are about the only stuffed animals that I actually love. I've always loved this flamingo, it's so sweet, especially in person.

I usually buy the kids Natives but this year all three requested Crocs. Sigh...

These are my favorite bows. Charlee gets the monthly subscription but these are fun for spring.

All my kids use this size of Stanley and it's perfect for them.

This swimming suit is so cute! I love the little cut out on the side.

Does anyone else go through a million pairs of socks with their kids? 

I will also say that I can find a million cute things to put into Charlee's basket. The boys are much harder for me. Bows and cute clothes are much more fun to buy!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours turned out to be busier than anticipated but it was fun! Baseball starts soon so I'm not sure how many more free weekends we're going to have.

Charlee and I started our weekend with take out and lunch with friends. This is the one and only picture I took which only means one was a good afternoon. We had the best time catching up.

On Friday night I volunteered at the boys' school for literacy night. I love being able to connect with other moms and help the staff.

Saturday morning looked like this. We had breakfast and then these three watched Robin Hood.

We quickly got ready and went to watch Hallie, my niece, play basketball. She did great!

Peyton was GiGi's date to the BSU basketball game. They went with my brother and his wife. My mom was able to get tickets through her work and it was so fun that he was able to go!

I went to church solo on Sunday. I truly love this place.

Then I grabbed some groceries for the week. I don't normally shop at Trader Joe's but I love coming once in awhile. Their flowers are always so beautiful!

I picked up Colson after he spent the weekend with his friend and his Mama sent me home with a warm cup of tea in a University of Tennessee mug in the snow. I'm really loving Colson's dream of going to TN for college. 

Daisy made a complete mess of my floors this weekend. Between the snow and the dirt in the flower floors don't stand a chance. At least she's really cute!

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for our week with a treat break!

I hope you had a great weekend!