Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Colson’s 7th Birthday

This past Saturday we finished up our birthday celebrations with Colson’s party! On his birthday, the 16th, we had a family dinner so I’m sharing that too!

He requested cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast!

And he asked if I would take him to school! He always wants to ride the bus so of course I agreed to take him!
He read his library book the entire way to school!

I picked up a happy meal and went to school to eat lunch with the birthday boy! 

I also stayed to hang out at recess! This kid loves playing football. How does he have so much energy?

He requested spaghetti for his dinner so after we ate we let him open presents. Little sister really wanted to help.

Travis and I got him a new four-wheeler. He kept asking if we were crazy for buying a 7 year old a four-wheeler. Yes, the answer is yes! 

We finished with a cookies and cream cake that he requested! It was so good!!!

On Saturday, we had a party with all of his friends! He chose to have it at the hot springs.

After swimming for awhile it was time for cake.
He chose Fortnite decorations this year even though he’s never played it and really has no idea what it is! #boys

So many friends came to celebrate and we had a wonderful afternoon! He had a very happy seventh birthday!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!!! With three birthdays to celebrate this week, the week has flown by!

We celebrated Colson’s, Peyton’s, and my Mom’s birthdays this week! Colson’s birthday is the 16th and he requested cinnamon rolls with seven birthday candles to start his birthday! 

Peyton and my mom share a birthday on the 13th! My mom always takes the day off on her birthday so the two of them went to lunch to celebrate!

We celebrated Peyton's birthday on Sunday and he got a new dump truck. He wakes up asking to ride it. His little stance is my favorite. Hands in pocket, boots, and hat!

He's been taking his brother to the bus in the mornings and picking him up in the afternoon.

And his sister's favorite thing to do is ride!

For dinner on his actual birthday, he requested his favorite meal other than cereal...a happy meal!

This week a bunch of my favorite pictures showed up!



Travis and I had just started dating....

Open ended toys are my favorite, including this train set Peyton got for his birthday.

Charlee Jo's really starting to get a personality. Watching her grow and develop is my favorite!

I picked up these ballerina pajamas and they are my favorite!

Sister is starting to pull herself up and stand up....

The boys' closet was a disaster so I ordered a dresser and now this project feels so good to be done!

Peyton's new pajamas are my favorite too...especially while worn with cowboy boots!

I went to lunch with Colson on his birthday and watching him play with all his friends was my favorite! The fact that he "forgot" to take his coat to lunch wasn't my favorite...

We celebrated Colson last night with family. Birthday celebrations will always be a favorite of mine!

I tried my hand at making a cake from Cake by Courtney. The presentation can use some work but it was sooooooo good! Baking is one of my favorite things to do!

I hope you all had a great week. We have more birthday celebrations this weekend and then I think it's back to or normal schedules!