Thursday, March 7, 2024

Boys' Easter Basket

As I mentioned on Tuesday, Charlee's basket was way more fun to put together but I managed to find a few things that I know the boys will love!


Again with the Crocs for the boys. Peyton wants orange this year and Colson loves the white ones.

The Jelly Cats have so many fun options. Peyton is obsessed with Weiner dogs and Colson loves Toucans. I feel like Colson might be getting to the age that he's over stuffed animals but I know he'll just put this on his shelf with all his other toucans. 

Socks are always needed and also a great filler. These ones are super fun!

I love this color of Stanley. It's the school color and bright!

It wouldn't be an Easter basket without swimming suits. The alligator ones are fun for Peyton and I thought Colson would like the parrot ones. I couldn't find toucans. 

Good luck putting together Easter baskets!

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