Thursday, January 11, 2024

Amazon Lately

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Amazon purchases lately. I recently just ordered more since both of the boys have birthdays, so I'll share again soon.

I haven't had a good  Meat thermometer before and I love this one. I always overcook chicken because I'm terrified it won't be done and everyone will get sick. So, this has helped so much!

I'm on the PTO at the boys' school and we put something together for the teachers so I ordered these Stress Balls and they turned out so cute! I'll share more later.

I'm trying to be more intentional with meal planner so this Meal planner is helping me stay focused on what I need to purchase and helps me plan better!

I think we have a million chargers in our home and I have no idea what they all go to. Whenever we need one, we can't find one that fits or one at all so I ordered these Cable labels and I've started labeling all of them. It's so nice, especially for the kids!

I'm not going to gross you out with details, but my winter feet were not in good shape. I ordered this Foot peel after a friend recommended it and it's amazing! I'm trying to get them ready for vacation...

These are my favorite Screen protectors. This is my second time ordering these and they are so easy to put on. So far, I've had great luck with them and I love that they protect my screen and the camera!

I order cheap earbuds and use them until they don't work anymore. This is my third pair and this style is new to me. I'm very impressed with the quality of these. I love these  Wireless earbuds .

Organizing is at the top of my priority list lately and I love these Magnetic calendar set. Another friend shared them and I ordered them so fast! I just add important information to the monthly calendar and then I change up the weekly with details. I share what I'm cooking for dinner each night and important times.

Happy shopping, friends!

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