Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Saving Keepsakes

I have finally found a solution to organize all these papers that my children bring home. I was throwing them in a box in the closet. All the kids papers were all in the same box and there was zero organization.

I went through all the papers, which took the longest time. I was very ruthless. I threw everything away except for handprints, fingerprints, and very special papers. It was fun to look through everything and see how much progression they have made.

I purchased three large totes and three different colored folders. I made names with my Cricut.

Each kid has a folder starting with "baby" and going through their senior year. 
As you can see in the background, it was a mess.

These are so much nicer and they each live in their closets. 

Now, I wanted a better solution than needing to get these down every week to put more in so I ordered these baskets from Amazon and they are stored in the mudroom for easy access. I just put papers into whichever kids' basket and once a year I can put them in their permeant home in the tote!

It's so nice to have a place with all the important notes, treasures, art, and projects from each of my kids.

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