Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday! This week was a good one, interrupted by a snow day so the kids loved it! They were really wishing for another snow day today, but it's not going to happen.

Here's some favorites from the week...

Idaho weather means I need to wear my least favorite thing...a coat. This parka has been on me daily when walking to the mailbox and to get the boys from the bus. I had no idea how much I'd wear it when I bought it last year...

This arrived on my doorstep this week and it's my favorite cleaning tool. It is a vacuum and mop all in one. It's amazing! I couldn't believe how dirty my floors were.

Charlee Jo is my favorite all the time, especially when she rides her scooter to the bus with me. I'm really going to miss having her home next year.

Wednesday was the snow day and we had friends over to play! Larissa brought all the goodies to make snow ice cream and the kids loved it!

We also warmed them up with hot chocolate when they came in from playing in the snow.

It was a fun group of kids!

One of Peyton's friends brought over the cutest snowman kit! I need one of these, we never have the stuff for a snowman!

Yesterday was pajama day and this kid wore his favorite dog all over! Haha, he cracks me up. He really loves wiener dogs since Slinky on Toy Story is a wiener dog. I love him.

Our favorite cat had surgery this week in his mouth and oh my gosh, he's struggling. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Our stores are carrying Thomas Cattle Company so I've been trying it out and it's so good!!!

Last night I made Cheesesteak sandwiches and they were amazing! If you're local to Emmett, I highly recommend to grab some. You can also order it online and they can ship!

I hope you've had an amazing week! This weekend is jam packed for us, which I'm looking forward to!

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