Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends! I'm sharing all my favorites from the week...

My favorite girl and I headed to lunch this week with Dad and then with Aunt Theresa the following day. We've been spoiled this week.

There is no surprise that this boy's favorite person is his Dad so it was also no surprise that he wanted to match him for hat day at school!

These two were so excited to wear hats to school! Wednesdays are dress up days and I know it will be their favorite!

Crazy schedules aren't really our favorite. Tired kids who can't seem to function in the evenings...

Peyton is almost done with football but I'm so proud of him for playing and working hard. He has scored the only three touchdowns that his team has this season. He's doing amazing. Watching our kids do things they find joy in will always be a favorite!

We have so much going on at our house! We're painting the outside of our house, the shop is getting the siding put on, and garage doors arrive today! Watching the process is my favorite...

Okay, to be completely honest, the color our house was is my favorite! I loved the grey and the contrast of the white trim. So many people complimented it and I just loved it! This new color is going to take some getting used to...They still need to paint the trim color. So it's not done yet.

Picture day is not my favorite! It's always nerve racking if the boys will still look presentable for pictures. Well, I dropped something off at the school and they asked me to help so I grabbed a coffee and spent my morning getting all the kiddos to pictures! I made sure the boys didn't come in with grass stains or food on their faces! Win for mom!

Charlee loves dance and any day that she gets to go is her favorite! Her little dance outfits are my favorite!
This crossback leotard couldn't be any cuter!

Guess what Travis and I are doing this of our favorite things....TRAVELING! Head to Instagram if you want to follow along on our adventure! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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