Monday, September 18, 2023

Amazon Lately

I'm sharing my recent Amazon finds with you today.

First up is a clear bag. Travis and I travel to see sporting events and we have to take clear bags. I bought this one so I can use it as a crossbody. I just changed out the strap for one I already had!

Clear Bag with Turn Lock Closure Women's Cross Body Handbags Stadium Approved

Travis and I both have been experiencing neck pain. I ordered this pillow and it's helping me. I use it ten minutes a day. I can't speak for him, but I say it's worth it if you struggle with neck pain.

I was looking for a solution that I could quickly put papers from the kids that I want to keep. I have large tubs at the top of their closets but I don't want to get them down all the time. I found these baskets that fit in the cubby in the mud room. I've been sticking papers in each of their baskets and then my plan is to each semester, file them in the tubs.

I was working on some projects at the school and needed to hang some things from the ceiling. These clips worked so well! They are very inexpensive and you get a ton in the package.

Colson got a new pair of Air Force for school and he didn't want them to get a crease so I got him these. I will say that they take some getting used to, but they do prevent creases....

Charlee starts dance and I'm all about making routines that help our busy schedules. I ordered her these boots to wear over her dance shoes so she just has to take the boots off once we arrive at the studio.

Peyton loves dogs and wants a Weiner dog so bad. I found this giant pillow and knew he'd love it! He was thrilled and they sleep together every night!

Peyton grew out of his dress shoes so I ordered these and they fit perfectly! I'm really impressed with the quality and comfort. Peyton loves them because they look just like Travis's.

I got a new tote bag and wanted something to put inside so it stays organized. I love this one. I don't have all the pockets full but when we went out of town, I filled it up with a book and travel necessities. The color matches the inside of mine perfectly. I did wait until it was on sale!

I have the worst heels so I bought these after they were recommended and I'm loving them. I don't remember to put them on but when I do, I can always tell a difference. I put some lotion on and then these.

I do a lot of stapling at the school. I'm in charge of changing the bulletin boards monthly and was using a regular stapler. I ordered this one when it was on a major sale and it's been amazing! I would pay full price if I needed to. 10/10 recommend if you're doing any stapling!

I wanted to get a blue watch band to wear on Husky Fridays and this one is perfect. I love the silicon and the bright blue. They have so many other colors to choose from, and the price is perfect!

Happy shopping, friends!

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