Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What's Up Wednesday {8/30/23}

 Today I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

Ashely, from The Vanilla Tulip shared 19 freezer crockpot meals and I'm making several of them this week. Both of the boys have football so we either eat at 4:45 or 7:45 during the week. I am trying a few new recipes and if we like them, I'll share a couple.

Four years ago this weekend, Charlee got really sick and we ended up in the Children's Hospital. This was only the beginning of our visits. However, sister is so healthy now!

I love routine and I'm working really hard to get back into a good routine now that school has started. I stopped waking up early this summer and I'm slowly getting back into it. I also started going back to the gym, morning bible study time, and blogging.

Watching a lot of football. The boys have practice and games Monday-Thursday and then on Saturday.
I love it and wouldn't change it but it's a lot on our schedule.

Both of the boys are number 18. 😃

It's fall. Except it's still so hot. I'm really dreading the hot weather.

I've spent so much time at the boys' school working on some really fun projects. I wanted to help make it a fun and welcoming place to be. I love how they've turned out. I have one more project that they asked me to do and I can't wait to see it come together!

Since watching our two boys play football isn't enough football...we purchased seats to watch the varsity football team play. So I'm excited to take the boys and cheer on our high school football team.

We've been watching American Ninja Warrior with the kids before bed. They love watching it and it's a great family show!

I just started this book yesterday. I've seen a lot of great things about it so my hopes are high!

I just started listening to this book this week and I'm loving it so far. It is very eye opening and makes me want to do better for my kids and husband. I also want to order a physical copy.

It is still so hot around here so I've been wearing shorts and t-shirts almost daily. I've added a kimono a couple times and I always get so many compliments. It just adds to a very simple outfit.

We don't have any definite plans for our weekend other than dinner with friends. I'm looking forward to a somewhat low key weekend. We have some very busy weekends coming up.

It's possible we could end up in Cascade for a day...

I have two trips planned...
One with these three. We always have the best time together!

And one with this pretty lady!

Both are places I've never been to. I'll share all the details!

This is the first year that we're going to have all three kids in school and an activity. The boys are both playing football and Charlee starts dance next week. I'm looking forward to watching the kids involved in things they enjoy but I'm trying to prepare myself for the crazy schedule!

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

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