Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Back to School 2023

We've officially began the new school year. The boys are loving their teachers and we're excited to watch them grow over the next year.

Travis and I were gone for the first few days of school so we took pictures and celebrated early...

This is the last year that the boys will be at the same school.

Colson has grown so much this year and he's excited to be the biggest kid on campus this year.

Fifth grade is going to be amazing!

Peyton is headed into first grade more confident and ready to learn. He really likes his teacher. His best friend is attending a different school this year, but he's happy to have a couple friends in his class.

First grade is going to be fun and full of learning!

Every year we have a back to school dinner. We have a dinner because mornings are crazy and no one loves to wake up any earlier than they have too. This year I had so much going on because we were trying to leave town so I asked if we could skip it and was told, absolutly not! So I threw this together quickly and it turned out great!

We usually have spaghetti, this year the boys requested chicken Alfredo.

I use things I have to decorate the table. The plates I ordered a few years ago from Sugarboo.

I wrote a quote from Dr. Seuss on the chalkboard...

We missed Dad this year, but still had the best conversations about this school year.

We talked about the kind of people we want to be, what it means to be a good friend, and things were most looking forward to.

I always get cookies from One Haute Cookie for our dinner.
Of course I always get extras to put in lunches during the first week of school!

Jo was in charge of the first day and did a wonderful job! She got them up, fed them, and headed to school at an early time than last year. That is a job. These boys don't love waking up early.

Papa Jeff was waiting to make sure they knew were to go! 

I'm praying for a year of growth, learning, and good friends!

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