Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, which means I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites from my week.
Happy Friday, friends! First up on my list of FAVES from the week was watching the boys at football camp.
I blogged more details about camp yesterday. If you have boys in the Treasure Valley area, I highly suggest checking it out.

The zoo is our FAVORITE and so we went for a quick visit after camp this week.
Charlee always wants a picture with the flamingo statue. Her brothers are troopers…
Her dress is my FAVORITE for the zoo. It’s Elenor Rose and they have so many fun and unique dresses.
We normally go in the morning and miss feeding the giraffe so the kids we’re excited to participate!
A new FAVORITE easy side dish, the Costco Mac and cheese. We all loved it and it’s crazy easy.
This sprinkle donut was this girl’s FAVORITE. We made donut runs while her brothers were at camp.
This girls style is my FAVORITE. She is confident in everything she puts on. 
Leotard ✔️ Tutu ✔️ Boots ✔️ Fancy hat ✔️
Snuggles will always be our FAVORITE. Someday, very soon, they will no longer want to do this.
Having a great well visit was our FAVORITE!
Grabbing lunch and ice cream at one of our FAVORITE drive-inns after camp was a must!
Stopping at Trader Joe’s was our FAVORITE with the mini cart, peonies, and muffins…
My FAVORITE part about summer is having so much fun that naps are required.
I hope you’ve had a great week!


Anonymous said...

Haha great blog Namaste 🙏🏻 from India

Kim Carberry said...

It sounds like a great week with a lot of fun at the zoo. What fun photos.