Thursday, June 8, 2023

BSU Football Camp

We have two very happy football players in our house this week. This is Colson's second year to attend the Boise State Football camp and Peyton's first year. Peyton decided he wanted to try playing football this year so we signed both boys up for camp. This is a three day camp at BSU and the boys had so much fun. 

The football players are coaching the boys. They are divided into three categories, prep, college, NFL. 

Peyton was on a prep team. He learned basic fundamentals. 

He had a wonderful coach and he loved all the drills. He didn't love playing Bronco ball at the end of the day but had fun.

The boys played on the Blue, inside the practice facility, and then out on the grass field.

Colson was on a college team. He was in more competitive competition. 

Both of the boys preferred the drills and learning.

This is something the boys want to continue to do! I'm excited we have something close that allows them to go and meet new friends and learn new skills.

I was able to get more pictures of Peyton because he wore clothes that I could easily spot him. He also isn't too cool for his mom, just yet. ;)

Colson really enjoyed his coach also. I got one picture and his eyes are closed...sigh. 

On the last day of camp, the players will sign anything for the boys.

Peyton with his coach.

They had their little sister there to cheer them on as well.

So proud of these boys!

And very thankful for a hard working dad that makes things like this possible!

Worn out and very happy....

They are already looking forward to next year!


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