Wednesday, June 7, 2023


This post is better late than never, right?!?! Back in May, I went on a girls trip with my mom, grandma, mother-in-law, and Charlee Jo. We wanted to go somewhere close to home so we could drive and we all wanted to see the cute little German town In Washington so away we went.

Leavenworth was a lot of fun!

Charlee and I took of early Friday morning to pick up the girls.

Sister was so excited to go on a girls trip. She stayed awake for the entire seven hour drive. Finally at our hotel. Girl was ready to get out of the car.

We stayed at The Bavarian Lodge and I'd highly recommend it. It was newly remodeled, very clean, and across the street from the main town.

We dropped off our bags and headed across the street to explore.

And grab a bite to eat. Andreas Keller was a cute German resturant.

Followed by ice cream and....


The majority of our weekend was spent either shopping or eating. Charlee was such a trooper. She colored most of the time we sat to eat or have a drink.

The scenes from town were charming.

We ended our night on the front patio of our hotel chatting and have a drink. 

Day two! This girl was ready. She was had also warmed up to the friend in our hotel lobby.

Both grandmas for an entire weekend...she was well loved!

The maple bourbon latte was a must from J5 Coffee!

All the buildings had the most beautiful paintings. Each one was a different scene.

In the middle of town, they had live music and different entertainment through out the weekend.

We were able to watch a parade.

And dancing...

Drinks with chips and salsa for an afternoon pick me up.

We may have been in a German town but I will never turn down a margarita with chips and salsa.
These two entertained each other with bracelet making!

I loved this time with Charlee. Last year and this year, she isn't going on our "family" trip due to age. I'm so glad she was able to go on our girls trip!

My favorite store in Leavenworth!

We also managed to find a plant store. This was a close second favorite.

Charlee's favorite part of the trip was our horse and carriage ride. 

Charlee's transportation for the weekend....

We made a quick drive to Lake Wenatchee. It was beautiful! 

This is the restaurant that we ate at a couple times. They had great salads and the service was good. We sat out on the patio so we could enjoy the town.

Our rooms were right next to each other and this girl went back and fourth a million times.

Our room had matching pajamas because what's a girls trip without matching pajamas!?

On Sunday, we went on a nice little walk. The views were great.

Grandma found a plant that she wanted to take home so they worked as a team to find the perfect branch. She plans on propagating it so she can enjoy it at home in Cascade.

There was a ton of wildlife and the deer weren't spooked by us at all.

We headed to a reindeer farm in the afternoon.

We learned all about reindeer and then had the opportunity to feed and pet them.

This baby was born the day prior and was being bottle fed.

The property was beautiful.

Back to town for an afternoon treat.

The Gingerbread house was charming. They also had the best gingersnap cookies.

Charlee and her new reindeer colored while we all enjoyed a beer on the patio.

Oh, they also enjoyed a rootbeer! 

It was the best trip. One that I'm so thankful to be able to go on with my family!

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