Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Spring Break 2022

 Last week was spring break and while we didn't travel or have any grand plans, this was my favorite spring break!

We went to the Village one day and stopped to throw pennies into the fountain...

And then grabbed treats form Bite Me!

Then we headed to Jump Time and the kids jumped out all of their energy!

My very favorite part was surprising the kids with a hotel stay for a night. They were so surprised!

We checked in a headed straight to the pool!

We had the pool to ourselves for a couple hours...

After swimming we got dressed and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Sister was tired. She slept through most of dinner!

Of course we needed ice cream for dessert...

Back to the pool as soon as we could...

We swam until late! So we got ready for bed, ate junk food, and painted our nails...

and snuggled before calling it a night!

It was a night...but we managed to get a small amount of sleep.

before meeting Nana for breakfast at a fun restaurant that let the kids write their names on the wall.

Next stop...coffee! And the zoo.

It's not spring break without a trip to the zoo with Jo!

It was such a great spring break!

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