Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday {03/30/22}

It's What's Up Wednesday!
On the last Wednesday of every month, I link up with Sheaffer and Shay to share what's going on with us right now.

We've been eating all the normal things but later than normal! I mean, we get home from baseball practice around 6:30, so it makes our nights look a little different than normal.

One thing that we've started at our house is snack trays. My kids love them. I just put a bunch of random things on the try and they eat. This specific one was on St. Patrick's Day so it was all green but most days, they are very random. 

As you can's all healthy things but presented in this way, they don't complain!

This month has been two years since Charlee Jo had her surgery that fixed her kidney. We're so grateful for a successful surgery. These pictures bring back so many emotions. Love this sweet girl!

The warm weather! Most spring breaks are filled with rain but this year we've been so lucky to spend it outside in the sunshine!

Baseball. Little League is in full swing right now...and I'm trying to soak up every minute!

I can't think of anything. Which I'm very thankful for.

Although we won't be going for a few months, I'm working on planning another vacation! We're taking the boys with us this time and I'm so excited!


This Is Us. I can't believe this is the final season. I feel like there is still so much to learn about each character still. I'm anxious to see how this show ends.

I'm currently Reading It Ends With Us. I love Colleen Hoover so much. 

Podcasts. I've been loving them while I get ready in the mornings, driving without kids, and even grocery shopping. I have several favorites but I feel like it's a better use of my time than just listening to music. Although, I haven't given up on music all together! I still love that too!

The weather has been so nice lately so I've been wearing all the dresses. I just throw on a jacket and I'm so comfortable and not hot!

It's opening day of Little League this weekend and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to spend my days at the ball field watching Colson play. Opening ceremonies is always so much fun for the boys!

This year Colson is on the Rockies so I'm more than prepared to cheer on our team!

We don't have much on our schedules other than baseball but I've already said how much I'm looking forward to that. I know that I sound like a broken record. I'm sorry. I guess when I really like something, It's the only thing on my mind. 
I'm not only Colson's team, but the Colorado Rockies as well!

There is just something about baseball that makes me very happy!

That's it for today! Have a great Wednesday!


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Joanne said...

I really like Hoover's books too (well, usually anyway-- there was one or two I didn't like) and just finished Reminders of Him this weekend.