Monday, March 28, 2022

Weekend Highlights

Spring break is officially over and we're back to our normal schedules.

Our weekend was very busy but also turned out to be fun!

Friday was spent preparing for Saturday. The boys were so helpful!

And Charlee was so dirty!

Travis created some entertainment with burning the weeds in the ditch at the house.

Saturday morning started so early! I was up and out of the house by seven to set up for my yard sale. So much stuff...The turn out was great and the money was split between the boys to go towards our vacation this summer. This motivated them to sell toys...haha!

Peyton wanted to stay with me and help so we spent the day together!

Aunt Theresa also stopped by and helped me. Such a big help!

We got to see Aunt Sylvia!

Saturday evening we headed to buy Travis a new recliner. The kids went with us and they did great!

We headed to dinner and had the best night as a family!

I enjoyed my first pedicure of the season and bright toes just make me happy!

We also ended spring break with Mexican food which is always a good idea!

Happy Monday, friends!.

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