Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Valentines Day in our Home

 Happy February, friends! I pulled out some Valentine's day decorations and put them in the living room and kitchen for the month. I like that they add some cheer without being overwhelming. Any holiday is an excuse to decorate in my opinion and Valentine's Day is no exception.

Welcome to our home...I put a House of Turnberry ribbon set on the front door...

Everything is very simple. I added some banners to the fireplace and our seasonal books.

I added our Sugarboo hearts to the sofa table...

Of course we have Valentine's Day candy set out in some little dishes that I've picked up from 
TJ Maxx and they never stay full.

I wanted to order a banner but the lady that made them no longer does so I borrow a sewing machine and made one myself. It isn't perfect, so the pictures are not close up but I like the simple touch.
I picked up some Sugarboo heart garland to add from a local shop.

The dinner room is simple also.

Napkins, a sign and more candy on the table.

I did manage to write on the chalkboard and added more heart banner.

I added some fun tea towels to the kitchen.

The tiered stand is full of pink and red. The Anthropology latte bowls are my favorite.

I love a festive coffee mug so I pulled out my favorites for Valentine's Day. Some are just pink and red so the colors are perfect but I love having them out to enjoy.

Simple and sweet! Happy love month, friends!

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