Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Favorites of 2021

I was thinking about what my favorite purchases were from the previous year and I thought I'd share with you. These are super random but things I love!


These workout leggings are some of my favorite for such a great price. I have them in a couple of colors and they are great for high intensity workouts! If you're looking for a great pair that won't break the bank, these are for you!

Bogg Bags are my very favorite bags. I have five and use them all the time! I have two of the original size and they are great for taking all the kids' stuff to and from sporting events. I have three of the baby size and I use them when I sub or need to throw stuff in a bag to go somewhere.

This strainer was a very random purchase but I love it. It's so nice to put on my sink and wash berries or strain noodles. The holes are so small that nothing goes through it.

My favorite water bottle of all time. I take it to the gym, in the care, and carry it around the house. I love that it fits in the cup holder in my car and that it has a handle to carry.

I have this diffuser in the living room and it does a great job of diffusing all day long!

I purchased this belt bag to take to Hawaii with us and then we canceled our trip. I've taken it on all of our other vacations and loved it! I use it for grocery shopping or when I have the kids. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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