Monday, January 31, 2022

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! This weekend was so good. Here’s some highlights from all the fun…

On Friday, we spent our morning cuddling Miles.

I had a lunch date with my favorite 3rd grader!

Before heading to my hair appointment! I love hair days!

The kids spent the afternoon at Jo and Papa’s house. They were wound up and having so much fun when I got there.

Home for more snuggles with Miles.

After dinner we headed to the shop to work on snowmobiles.

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed for the snow!
We were all smiles and crossing our fingers we would still have smiles on our way home….

Ready to go!

We spent the day snowmobiling with friends. It was a beautiful day.

Sister took several naps! She kept falling asleep on rides.

But loves the snow!

I never imagined having a snowmobile but I’m happy to report that I see a lot of this in our future! We had the best day.

Tired boys on the way home…

Sunday was lazy and full of Miles and football.

I laid down with this girl and we both took a nap…

And woke up so happy!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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