Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Let's Look at...Favorite Traditions

Today I'm linking up with Erika and Shay to share my favorite Christmas traditions. I'm sharing some of my favorite things we do, leading up to Christmas!

My very favorite thing to do that starts the Christmas season is send out my Christmas cards. I love sending them and I also love when we receive them! They are so special to me and I keep them for years to come. I keep them in a basket and every year when I'm decorating I pull them out for the season. The kids love looking through them and seeing how everyone changes.
This was last years card!

I love going to look at Christmas lights. We have a few different places around us to go and look at them. Everywhere I've been, has been amazing! It's so magical to do with kids!

What's the Christmas season without Santa!? Last year our visit with Santa looked different than normal. least we got to see him and tell him what was on our wish list! The kids always look forward to seeing Santa. 

Another Advent Bible study. I love Bible studies throughout the year but the one during the advent season is extra special to me. This is the one I did last year. This year, I'm doing one from She Reads Truth and it's amazing! I highly recommend it for next year. They also have amazing studies for anytime of year.

With the weather being cold and it gets so dark early, I love Christmas puzzles. I usually have one going on my kitchen table during most of December.

Even the kids like to help...

Every year, I attend a favorite things party hosted by a friend. We always have so much fun and there is a lot of women! Everyone brings three of the same item. There is a $20 price limit and then you leave with three new things. It's so fun to see what you're taking home.

This year, I took a festive mug and of course...a Christmas puzzle!

I look forward to our North Pole Breakfast every year. Mikey returns for the season to create some Christmas memories for the kids...

This was last year...

We've been doing this since Colson was a baby with the exception of one year because he was afraid of the elf. I was so happy when he asked if the elf could come back!!!

Our elf brings breakfast and matching pajamas!

Of course, Mikey then stays around all season long. The kids have so much fun each morning looking for him to see what he's up too! I love to be creative with him and do things special for each of the kids.

We also get together with the cousins and decorate cookies. We don't make it complicated, we just have cookies, frosting, and sprinkles and let the kids have fun! It's so nice to get together with no stress.

Traditions are my one of my favorite things about the season. It's fun to see how the kids react differently each season. We're headed to see Santa tonight, any bets on how Charlee Jo is going to react?! I'm going to guess the Santa picture will have some tears this year.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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