Monday, October 18, 2021

Weekend Top 10

We stopped by Dad’s work just in time for pizza! These kids could eat pizza for ever meal, which is good because we eat a lot of pizza at the Webb house!

Peyton and I played board games while Charlee Jo napped on Friday and it made me so happy! I love board games so I’m hoping he continues to enjoy them!

Friday night lights was extra special last week. The Optimist teams were all introduced at halftime and then took a group picture with the Varsity team after they won!. It was a fun game to be at!

We watched Colson play in his final game of the season on Saturday. It was a hard game to end the season with but it was a fun season overall. 

Travis and I went to the BSU football game! It was another hard game to watch but we enjoyed the experience.

Napping with Charlee Jo isn’t very enjoyable….
I told her that if she didn’t close her eyes, she was going to nap by herself….

Caught you sister….

Then she asked to nap in her own bed! 😂

It didn’t take much to talk these boys into snuggling their Mama and watch a movie with me.

We had such a lazy day yesterday and it was perfect!

One of my favorite memories came up this weekend. I say it over and over again but it’s so hard for me when my grandparents leave in the fall and head to Arizona. I’m so thankful for them, and love that my kids have amazing relationships with them also!

Mama just snuggling with all her babies! The kids played together all afternoon. They made forts so they each had a house. I couldn’t believe how well they played together. I didn’t want to chance interrupting them so I only snapped this picture!

We ended our weekend with family dinner! I made a roast and we had Nana and Papa up for dinner.

I hope you had a great weekend! We have a short week this week. Colson only has school two days this week so hopefully we can have some fun!

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