Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been a full taste of fall, cooler temps, early sunsets, and busy schedules!

Travis shot this elk last year and I told him if he got a big elk, he could mount it Obote the fireplace. Well, I’m eating my words because this now hangs there. It’s his favorite and it’s growing on me…

Peyton went hunting, shot a moose, and put a tag on his ear which was my favorite game he played all week…

He even mounted him above the fire place….
Watching the boys take after their dad is my favorite. He truly sets an amazing example and I love that he’s teaching him all of these things!

Snuggles with a couple of my favorite kids!

This week was FULL of snuggles. Charlee Jo seemed to really need her Mama yesterday and I was here for it!

I was in one of my favorite places this week…the classroom! I was only there for half a day, but I really enjoyed myself!

The farm behind our house planted corn and it was our favorite! We loved all the privacy that it provided. The kids loved watching them cut it this week.

The farmer asked if Peyton wanted a ride and it might be his very favorite thing from the week!!!

Waking this girl up wasn’t my favorite but sleeping pictures will always be some of my favorites!

I like to start my day after the gym with my quiet time but the kids have been getting up so early. I’m currently studying one of my favorite books in the Bible so an afternoon cup of coffee and alone time is my favorite!

Nana had an open house at work and all the kids loved Papa and the double decker bus!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

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