Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika to share my favorites from the week.

Monday morning started with well-visits for both Peyton and Charlee Jo. Not our favorite way to start a Monday but both kids did so good.

I made a new favorite meal this calzones and salad. I made them extra spooky for some Halloween fun. The kids loved them!

This girl's favorite thing to do after bedtime is sneak out for some extra snuggles. She managed to do it with Mom and Dad this week....

When both kids nap at the same time, it's my favorite because it hardly ever happens!

Dogs are this boy's favorite. Our neighbor has the best dog and he spends a lot of time over at the neighbor's house to spend time with Jody.

Working with Dad is Peyton's favorite thing to do! These two matching guys are my favorite. I just love that the boys get to go out and deliver fuel with Travis!

A trip to Hallie and Bowen's is a favorite for sure! We took Aunt Emily her birthday present and the kids loved playing together!

Uncle Daniel gave Colson all of his football, basketball, and baseball trading cards. Both boys love looking through them and reading about each of the players....

They basically do nothing other than look at trading cards...

My very favorite Halloween costume showed up on my TimeHop this week. GG really out did herself with this one. She made Charlee Jo's first two Halloween costumes and I'm always amazing at her skill.

Another favorite on TimeHop this week....Adoption day six years ago. 

For parent teacher conferences, we made some desserts and took them to the school to help feed the teachers. I made a couple of our family's favorite desserts, brookies and caramel apple cheesecake.

Visits from Aunt Theresa are everyone's favorite!

Family pictures are everyone's least favorite activity but they happened this week and I'm so thankful to have them crossed off our list. I know we got some great ones and the location we took them this year is my favorite! 

Peyton asked if we could bake something together and it made me so happy!!! Baking is my favorite and I love that he wanted to help me in the kitchen.

My favorite part was once they were done and he said, "This is the first time I baked something almost all by myself and I get to share it with other people!" He couldn't wait to walk some over to the neighbor and share!

Uncle Daniel is Charlee's favorite person to tease. She rarely gives him hugs and thinks it's so funny. A couple videos of firetrucks and he was her favorite for the night.

Colson had his end of the year pizza party and watching all these boys play this year was my favorite. He had great coaches and a great season!

This weekend we have fun plans with the boys, a girls night, and possibly a trip to the pumpkin patch since it's our last opportunity! It's going to be a busy one!!!!

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