Monday, October 25, 2021


Happy Monday, friends! What a weekend! It seems as though we keep getting busier and busier as the holidays approach. I’m not bummed about all the fun that was had over the weekend! :)

We started off our weekend at Nana’s work. Both of the boys are doing fundraisers and we went with our best sales tactics.

Sister made a friend and it was the sweetest since she’s so shy!

Friday night I made fingers and zombie brains. I thought the boys would love it but the only one who enjoyed dinner on Friday was Charlee Jo! :)

We dropped Charlee off with Aunt Theresa! She loved being in the spotlight!

Travis and I took the boys to Monster Jam!

Watching these reactions made it so worth it!!!

Both of the boys had the best time!

Saturday morning was slow. The kids were up super early so it was coffee, cartoons, and toys!

Saturday night, I went to the James Taylor concert with my Mom and a group of her friends!

I didn’t know a single song, but had a great time!

Sunday was a slow day while we got ready for our week and Travis got ready to go hunting.

A quick stop to Papa’s house…

And Sunday we ended our weekend with carving pumpkins!
My parents came up to help and Peyton was extremely happy because he wasn’t excited about the guts!

Charlee Jo didn’t know what to think either….

Colson didn’t touch any of the insides thanks to Papa!

And sister quickly learned it wasn’t that bad! She did a great job cleaning out her pumpkin!

Three happy kiddos!!!

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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