Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Silverwood 2021

Last week we took the boys to Silverwood and had the best time! It was the first time we have taken the boys and we’re excited to continue taking them on adventures!

We hit the road Thursday morning with all the snacks, drinks, movies, and things to hold entertainment!

We made a stop in McCall. The boys were able to run around and eat lunch.

The boys had the best time on the lake!

Back on the road but with friends this time!!!
We stopped at University of Idaho and let the boys run around some more…

Once we made it to our final destination, we went to dinner and cheered to six years of marriage!!!!

The boys were sooooooo excited to stay in a hotel! 

Friday morning we made it to Silverwood. We spent the day at the amusement park. The boys had so much fun.

The roller coasters didn’t stop any of us!

Peyton was so excited to ride the train and we rode in the afternoon so we could have a break.

And cool off with treats!

That’s a wrap for day one!

Day two was spent at the water park. I didn’t have my phone because I didn’t want it to get wet. But we arrived early, grabbed a spot in the shade and hit the slides!

Once everyone was done….:we packed up and headed back to the roller coasters! 

We’re still in our swimming suits but back to our favorite side. We enjoyed the water side but all four of us wanted the thrill of the roller coasters.

The cool dudes…

Second day was fun and exhausting….

We slept in and headed home on Sunday morning!

The time with the boys was amazing. I’m so glad that it worked out and we were able to make a quick trip.

This trip has me so excited for future trips with the boys and even as a family of five!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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