Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! These past few weeks have been so busy. We went to Denver and came home for two days only to leave again for four days. This week has been spent getting things back to normal! I do have some favorites to share from our week…

On Monday, I took Colson with me grocery shopping and we had lunch together. One on one time and Subway are his FAVORITE and spending time with him is mine!

Being outside is a FAVORITE for all three kids, even in the 100° heat and smoke filled air!

We went to the library this week for reading time and they brought in kittens. It was a FAVORITE from our week for sure!

Then we made a stop at our cousin’s house and this girl wasn’t about to let anyone else hold the kitty! It’s safe to say that kitties are her FAVORITE!

Wednesday lunch is our FAVORITE especially with this girl entertaining us! 

Turing this….(mid-project)

To this is my FAVORITE!!! The kids and I cleaned the rooms and went through everything this week. It fees so nice having it done!

Watching these two play together is my FAVORITE because most of the time Charlee Jo isn’t sweet to Peyton at all. While I was cleaning Colson’s room, these two played some nicely. It’s amazing what “new” toys they find when their rooms are clean!

We treated ourselves to cookies after getting everyone’s rooms cleaned! These three smiles are my FAVORITE!

Playing hide and seek with her brothers is Charlee’s favorite! Her counting skills are questionable but her brothers don’t seem to mind and it’s the cutest to watch!

Water is this girls favorite! We went swimming with cousins and she wore herself out!!!

My two favorite sun bathers…

Time with cousins has been a favorite this summer!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

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