Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve made it to Friday and it’s a really awesome Friday because it’s the first day of SUMMER!!! We’re all excited in this house!

I’m sharing some favorites from the week....

Aunt Emmy and Uncle Daniel gave Charlee an ice cream cart for her birthday and it’s everyone’s FAVORITE!

On Wednesday, the school had field day and I spent all day with my FAVORITE second grader! It was 100° but the kids never slowed down! I love being able to spent time at school with him!

On Thursday, Colson had his last baseball practice. The kids played against the adults. It was so fun and everyone’s FAVORITE practice!

I finished up another cake this week. Being in the kitchen is my FAVORITE. I just wish someone would come and clean my house so I could do it more...

Yesterday was Colson’s last day to ride the bus to and from school. Riding the bus is his FAVORITE!!! He’s attending a different school next year so he won’t be able to ride.

The littles and I walked to Dad’s work this week. It’s their new favorite way to get there....

It’s summer break!!! This kid is so excited!

I hope you had a wonderful week! We have another very busy weekend ahead of us!

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Joanne said...

Another amazing look cake! Yay for the start of summer vacation.