Monday, June 7, 2021

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, friends! We had such a busy weekend but it was full of great memories!

We started our weekend with a haircut for Colson! I love the boys with a fresh haircut!

The boys had a game and although they lost, they played great and Colson had a good attitude!

So we went out of ice cream!!

Saturday morning, I woke up with this little boy on my pillow! He usually comes into our room between 6 and 7. On this particular morning, he fell back asleep!

Saturday was spent at the ballpark!
It was Colson’s last game. I’ve really enjoyed watching him this season. 

Such a good helper…

Thankful for family who cheer for our boy!

We had a pizza/ cupcake party after the game!

We came home and had friends over…

Gosh, I’m so glad we’ve stayed friends! I’m also glad she’s moving closer!!!

Two cuties clean and watching a movie before bed!

I had to run to town and brought this kid with me!

Sunday morning came way too early after staying up too late. I planned on going to the 9 o’clock church service but decided to let everyone sleep in and take my time getting ready. This cutie is always near.

Made it to church early!

After church we went and grabbed lunch. We had a back of the car picnic in the Costco parking lot…

After Costco we went to Walmart and sister wouldn’t leave her brother alone!

We survived Costco and Walmart with tired kids!!!
A quick stop at Dutch Bros and headed home!

I hope you have a great week!

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