Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Master Bedroom

 We've lived in our house for almost four years. When we moved in we purchased new furniture for the living room and dining room but we kept our bedroom set. It was beautiful and I honestly didn't put much thought into our bedroom. Who sees it anyways? 

Back in December, we decided to order a new mattress. Our new mattress wouldn't work with the bed we currently had so we needed to order a new bed also. This was what started it all...

Here's what our bedroom looked like before, with our old bed....

....and here's what it looks like now!

The bedding decision was a hard one for me. I loved a set from Pottery Barn but I had a hard time justifying it since Travis and I are the only ones who will ever see it. Other than the three kiddos that hang out on the bed and will probably spill something... After looking for hours online, we decided on this set from Target (can no longer find online). I love mustard yellow and I knew I wanted to use it in here. I also loved this one.

Since there is so much cream, I decided on these sheets from Target. I love them and Travis deals with them. ;) Travis isn't a fan of a lot of pillows so I only added the two shams that came with the set and this lumbar pillow to add a little more mustard.

My mom picked up this throw from Home Goods for me! 

I've had this mustard chair for years and I added this pillow to tie in all the cream.

We kept the dresser and nightstands. The bed came from Wayfair and took forever to arrive.

I think we still need a rug for under the bed but I struggle finding one I love without spending our entire savings on it. Why are rugs so expensive?! After taking these pictures I also think we should add something over the bed...

So, there you go! Our "finished" master bedroom!

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