Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

After the year we had, I've been looking for a way to spread kindness with my kids. I have read about Cards for Hospitalized kids  in the past and after spending time in the hospital with Charlee this year, I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. We have several friends that have also spent time in the hospital with their kids. I'm so grateful that Charlee didn't have long stays and it was planned. I can't imagine spending holidays in the hospital, especially with all the restrictions that Covid has made. 

Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that collects and distributes handmade cards to kids in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. It's so easy to participate. You just need to make cards! I love that the kids and I can spend a few hours making cards and talking about how something so small can brighten someone's day!

On Friday, Colson was out of school so I took the opportunity to make some Valentine-themed cards. I I printed out some Valentine's Day cards that Andrea made a few years ago. I also just folded white construction paper in half and let them use their imagination. I found some heart stickers at Target. The rest of the art supplies were things we had on hand. I set everything out and let the kids use their imagination. I had to help Peyton but Colson did an amazing job.

My goal with Charlee was to keep the color on the paper and not on her...
I was unsuccessful. But, she enjoyed herself.

Paint, crayons, markers, stickers.....just make sure that nothing falls off!

I love seeing what they wrote, or asked me to write. You can't include anything religious or anything to to do with illness. We said things like, "You Rock!, Have a great day!, and You're Awesome!" The kids signed their names, age, and Idaho.

After an hour we had enough to fill up an envelope!

I plan on doing this again with the kids through out the year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for making cards and sharing your efforts here—it helps inspire others to make cards too! We’ll definitely add your blog link to the blog link section of our website. Thanks again!
— Jen, Founder of CFHK