Thursday, August 20, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Weeks 23, 24, & 25

 Happy Thursday, friends! I'm still playing catch up over here and I'm confused about the day. I keep thinking that today is Friday....

Day 157: room for all three!

Day 158: welcome to the 30s club Teylir!

Day 159: pedicures with Mama.

Day 160: flower delivery from the cutest delivery boy!

Day 161: finally nice enough to be outside!

Day 162: the summer of Kacie!

Day 163: the only thing they've done all day without fighting.

Day 164: a night on the river. If you don't have a Kacie in your life, you're missing out. She's a true friend with a huge heart!

Day 165: nothing says relaxation like three kids in your bed!

Day 166: the only picture I have from today. I love this seven year old boy!

Day 167: Charlee Jo had her post survery apointment today and we received the BEST news possible; surgery couldn't have gone better!

Day 168: my kids don't spend much time in the kitchen these days because almost everything I bake is for someone else. Today, Colson baked a cake all by himself!

Day 169: the reason the glass is never clean. Charlee Jo doesn't like to be left out!

Day 170: she doesn't fall asleep in my lap very often anymore. She is growing up way too quickly.

Day 171: a fun day of bridal shower preparations!

Day 172: I loved celebrating Kacie today!

Day 173: Happy Father's Day to the best dad! Our kiddos are so lucky to have you.

Day 174: whatever Peyton says....this didn't last long!

Day 175: he can't be trusted with the baby. I was loading my car with things and heard her least she wasn't crying, I guess!

Day 176: he can throw a fit like you wouldn't believe but he's so sweet 98% of the time.

Day 177: not my greatest parenting move. I quickly took away all the stickers. I'm just so grateful it wasn't a permanent marker.

Day 178: I wish we could see each other more than once a year! I'm still so thankful she always answers my phone calls and makes time to see me when she's home!

I hope you have the best day!

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