Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!
This week was full but we made it through with several favorites to share! 

First up and my very favorite from the week, Charlee Jo had an appointment with her urologist on Monday and she’s off medication and we don’t have to go back for six months!

My big girl sitting on the bench eating her banana, waving at everyone who walked by, and looking way too big was also my favorite!

Peyton has been so sweet this week. He was eating dinner and just came over to hug me. It’s no secret that his Dad is his favorite but he sure knows how to make my day!

And a few minutes of snuggles per request...

This is the final week of swimming lessons and it’s the boys favorite part of the week! They love swimming!

I went to Costco this week and they were handing out samples!!! While I didn’t have any, this little sign of normal is my favorite!

A Diet Coke the size of my head while putting away groceries is my favorite!

We love Chip at our house and the last time we made a visit, I found out they sold dough! Making warm cookies on a busy night was our favorite!

I there anything better?

A favorite moment this week was being interrupted while doing laundry by this cutie all dress up. He told me to follow him because he had a surprise for me...

Him and his brother had set up a cute little table complete with flowers and snacks...

And Colson was our waiter! Such a sweet surprise.

Sleeping babies are my favorite....

Swimming lessons ended this week and having Georgia as the boys’ swim teacher was our favorite!

I had to take my car in to have something done and they gave me a Ford Escape which was so little compared to my car. Having the kids so close together was NOT my favorite! I said, “keep your hands to your self” way too many times!

I love when my kids play together without fighting (it doesn’t happen very often) and my FAVORITE is when they play with things that really show their creativity!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

Looks like a fun week! I love when my girls play without fighting too. It seems they argue about everything!

the 4 M's said...

Glad your little one doesn't have to go back to the doctor for a while. Boys are funny: mine are growing up and not into hugs as much.

Joanne said...

So many wonderful favorites! Yippee for no doctor's visits for 6 months.. .and those cookies look scrumptious!