Tuesday, August 18, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Weeks 20, 21, & 22

 Happy Tuesday! I'm going to play catch up with my #joceverday2020 posts. So this post is three weeks worth of pictures from back in the spring....

Day 134: sweet kiddos that always want to be held at the same time!

Day 135: it's 7:00 and the kids should be winding down for bed. Instead they're using their Dad as a jungle gym!

Day 136: forget toys, just give them some bubble wrap.

Day 137: thankful for a date night!

Day 138: this girl is a character!

Day 139: I spent most of the day preparing things for her birthday party. How is she almost one?

Day 140: this kid. He only agreed to take a picture if I let him stay up for two more minutes. Little stinker!

Day 141: we're so happy these two are home!

Day 142: Charlee never took a nap today but both boys did. I guess I can't win all the battles.

Day 143: today was Colson's last day of school! He's officially a second grader and he's really hoping for a new teacher next year. This year didn't end like anyone planned. He missed his friends, teacher, riding the bus, and everything that "normal" school offers. We celebrated with our annual last day of school ice cream trip!

Day 144: sister wants to keep up with her brothers and that includes helping her Dad!

Day 145: ice cream with Papa Jeff.

Day 146: this boy with his big brown eyes, amazing hair, and bringing me my favorite flower, he can basically have anything he wants.

Day 147: Colson was able to hug his teacher, gather his school work, and say goodbye to first grade. Talk about a weird way to end the school year. We're looking forward to second grade with Mrs. Pollard!!!

Day 148: when she wakes, she'll be one!

Day 149: it's hard to believe it's believe it's been a year since Charlee Jo joined our family. We love her so much! Happy birthday baby girl!

Day 150: I'm just going to brag on  my husband for a minute. After a long day at work he helped me do everything I needed to get ready for Charlee's party tomorrow. He never says anything about me going overboard with parties, he just goes along with it and helps me with whatever I need. So thankful to have him on my team.

Day 151: we are partied out after a day of celebrating Charlee Jo with friends + family! This year got away from us. Here's to year number two! We love our sweet girl!

Day 152: Today was the best lazy day.

Day 153: Happy June 1st!

Day 154: my greatest responsibility as their Mama is to teach them to be kind to EVERYONE!

Day 155: my boys are loving the pool and we love that we get Georgia again for swimming lessons.

Day 156: we got to hang out with Hallie and Bowen this morning!

I hope you have the best day!

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