Monday, August 17, 2020

Weekend Recap

Hello, friends! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged but I missed it terribly so I figured there’s no better time than the present to start up again. I was having terrible issues with getting my pictures to upload so I’m hoping it’s fixed!

This weekend felt like a normal weekend compared to what our weekends have looked like since May. Travis was home for most of the weekend instead of working and we all loved it. 

Friday morning started off with donuts and coffee.
Charlee Jo was one happy girl!

My friend Korri is in town for the summer and we made cakes together on Friday! 

Meanwhile the kids had a free for all... just kidding although it appears that way...

While his brother and sister were sleeping, Colson decorated cake. He’s been asking me for months and I finally let him.

He was so proud of his cake! He invited Grandma Jo, Papa Kim, and Kacie up for dinner so he could share!

Fun on the 4-wheeler! Colson is amazing with his sister. He has zero patience when it comes to Peyton but Charlee can do no wrong, most of the time.

A little game time...

And we ended the night with a movie in bed! 

Charlee Jo got her first set of pigtails! I need to find her some little bows but they are so stinking cute!

The boys had a breakfast date with Kacie!

And then we headed to Lovely Hollow Farms to pick some flowers with Korri and Josie!

Peyton’s favorite part was the dog...

Cuties! There were rows and rows of flowers!

It was a fun morning and I’m happy we could see them one last time before they head back home!

Saturday night we went on a family drive!

We had to stop at Grandma Jo’s house on the way home and Charlee was so mad when we left. She was screaming so we showed her a picture of Jo, it was enough to make her stop crying. Girlfriend loves Jo!

Sunday morning started with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon! A good breakfast for my fisherman!

The boys went fishing with Grandma Jo and Papa Kim!

And I finished up a cake!

Peyton was playing baby so I gave him lunch in the high chair. Charlee Jo was so confused!


We dropped the boys off with Grandma Jo for a sleepover and came home to a beautiful evening!

This girl is headed in for an ultrasound and follow up appointment with her urologist today!

I hope you had the best weekend!

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