Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been long.....Charlee hasn’t been sleeping and I’m tired! I’m happy we made it to the weekend. I’m hoping to stay in my jammies all day tomorrow and nap! 

Laundry is my favorite chore but I really struggle with keeping up with it. This girl helped me yesterday get a head start on it before the weekend!

I saw this on Instagram and it’s my favorite! I believe this and need to do a better job of saying how amazing my kids are, even when it’s not always easy!

Peyton’s favorite part of the week was when Papa Kim came and picked him up to get a load of road mix for us. This kid LOVES the dump truck!

This girl is all but walking on her own! She still has a ways to go before that happens but she gets so excited when she stands up and gets into things she shouldn't!

Snuggling with this dude consists of holding his hand and I'll take it! By the way...these jammies are my FAVORITE!!!

Sister had a lemon at lunch this week and loved it, until she got some up her nose!

The two kiddos and I made a Costco run for the store and home this week. It was snowing so we loaded it all in the front of the truck! We were loaded but we did it!

Doggy and Peyton are my favorite!

Grandma Jo can be talked into just about anything! Peyton was a dog and was having the best time playing with Grandma Jo. Sam was so confused!

This! I'm going to the Cher concert and I can't wait!!!

The bath...

is this...

Girl's FAVORITE!!!

And subbing is mine! I started my week off in the classroom and I love it! I only sub for the teacher that I student taught for but I love her classroom!

I hope you had a great week!

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