Thursday, February 6, 2020

#joceveryday2020 // January

Happy Thursday! Over on Instagram, I'm taking a picture a day and sharing it. I did this six and seven years ago. It's just a way to help me find the positive in everyday. I think it's easy to be "stuck" or feel overwhelmed. There are days that I'm exhausted and I know there will be hard days this year but this helps me to focus on the good! I'm using the hashtag, #joceveryday2020 to document my year!

Here is January:

Day 1: May they always be best friends.

Day 2: His post nap snuggles are my FAVORITE!

Day 3: Like father, like son.

Day 4: we celebrated our FAVORITE 37 year old by tubing!

Day 5: The drive to church was exciting! This boy was yelling with excitement as he pulled out his tooth!

Day 6: Walks to the bus with Colson. We were discussing why the tooth fairy didn't come.
(She forgot!)

Day 7: avocado + Mac n' cheese is for dinner and sister approves. She got a few bites in her mouth but most of it's on the floor!

Day 8: We borrowed Dad's work truck to run errands and Peyton begged to keep driving it around. He loves riding in the truck.

Day 9: tonight, instead of yelling (like I normally do) I tucked all three kids into bed early and went to bed myself and opened my bible. Best decision I could have made. Here's to tomorrow having less fights and less tears.

Day 10: today I went and had a class Christmas party in Colson's classroom! We had to make it up due to school being cancelled the Friday before break. I love spending time in his class.

Day 11: when your baby doll doesn't cry or drink real milk, you just use your sister!

Day 12: We had the best day celebrating Peyton with balloons, Paw Patrol, and a lot of cereal. We love this little dude so much! How is he THREE (tomorrow)?!

Day 13: the birthday boy requested a happy meal for his birthday dinner! We had a fun day celebrating this boy!

Day 14: the drive to the bus stop looked a little different than normal today.

Day 15: I made my first Cake by Courtney this week. I've spent way too much time watching her tutorials and I'm anxious to to make some more. I forget just how much I love baking until I'm in the kitchen.

Day 16: Happiest birthday to our favorite big brother! How are you SEVEN?!

Day 17: my favorite kind of Friday night.

Day 18: we celebrated Colson with a swimming party today!

Day 19: Spent the afternoon chalking with Esma and Mom! A fun project for my doorstep!

Day 20: worked on a  fun project today!

Day 21: a cousin play date that ended with a short ride in the dump truck!

Day 22: Cavity free for these boys!

Day 23: everyday she changes and learns something new.

Day 24: today we celebrated his birthday with his class!

Day 25: possibly the only time this girl was smiling today. Teething is hard but these washcloths help.

Day 26: today I finished up the Ultimate S'mores cake and it was delicious! I have to stop baking all these cakes!

Day 27: Peyton and I started working on his pre-k skills today and the best part, he didn't even have to get dressed!

Day 28: Dad surprised us and came home from work early today! The boys went and got Colson off the bus this afternoon!

Day 29: I'm not sure what he wants but he cleaned his room and is vacuuming it now. I'm not complaining, but I am documenting this because it NEVER happens!

Day 30: everybody loves when Papa Warren comes to play!

Day 31: I just made an afternoon cup of coffee and I'm sitting down for a few minutes to reflect on January and get myself organized for February. January was filled to the brim with birthday celebrations and family time. I'm so thankful for the month we just had. Praying that February is just as sweet!

That's January! I hope your January was a great month!

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