Monday, February 10, 2020

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This weekend was very low key and it was perfect!

We started off Friday with friends! Charlee Jo loved the snuggles while the boys played.

I finished up a cake. Dark chocolate fudge with vanilla frosting...

And still managed to clean my house before Colson got off the bus!

We snuggled and watched a movie after pizza before calling it a night!

Saturday morning we hung out and had a very slow morning...

While I made a cake for us to eat...Colson made a huge mess on the counter.
I'm just glad he was in the kitchen with me and talking the entire time!

This girl was extra fussy and only wanted her Mama!

She woke up happy on Sunday after sleeping through the night!!!!

The boys were playing while I was getting ready for the day and I came out to Colson helping Peyton get dressed. They picked out some interesting outfits but I let them since we weren't doing anything.

I finished up the cake....
Creme Brulee!

Travis went snowmobiling and so we ate cake and called it an early night!

I hope you have a great week!

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