Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Charlee Jo // 8 Months

Happy 8 months to the sweetest little sister.

We've had a good month over here with so many new things to report.

What's New
  • Filling out. She's getting some cheeks and pork chops (thighs) and I'm loving it. I could kiss her cheeks all day long. 
  • On the move. You can't put her down without her taking off. She is so fast that you always have to keep your eyes on her. She will disappear and get into anything she shouldn't be into!
  • She pulls herself up onto everything. She loves to be standing and bouncing. She's going to have some strong legs.
  • Walking. She walks around in her walker and just this past weekend she started pushing her walker from behind. She was tickled that she made her way across her bedroom to her brother! What?!? This is too soon and I'm not ready for it!
  • Sister loves to play in the bath, especially with Peyton. They splash around and have the best time.
  • She is great at picking up food and putting it into her mouth without using her entire palm. Puffs are her favorite thing.
  • She will say "mah-mah" and "dah-dah"
  • She loves to clap.
  • We're working on waving...sometimes she'll do it and sometimes she won't.
  • She is wearing size 3 diapers with a lot of room to grow. She's still in size 6 month clothes.
  • We have no idea what the word schedule means or sleep. Over the past month she's probably slept through the night four times.
Eight month photo dump

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