Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends! It's already late morning but I was too tired to blog last night and then overslept this morning....definitely a Monday! I'm just going to share 10 highlights from our fairly normal weekend!

Friday night there was a cake auction at the high school to support our seniors with going to Project Graduation so I made two cakes to be auctioned off.

One was a Biscoff cake and the second was Cookies and Cream.

Colson had his birthday celebration at school on Friday so I took in cupcakes.

Their school celebrates all the birthdays in the month on the last Friday. There were three birthdays to celebrate so that meant three cupcakes. #toomuchsugar They don't have school this Friday, so last week was the week.

While I was there, he also won a Husky point so he got some candy!

I love this boy! He had a sleepover with a friend so I didn't see him much over the weekend.

I came home and Charlee Jo and Peyton were enjoying Paw Patrol in their chairs.

I can't figure out when Charlee got so big. 

We headed to our favorite "fast food" joint on Friday night, Panda Express. Travis and I love to eat there so instead of our normal pizza, we took a drive over the hill.

We came home and Dad put down Charlee's mattress in her crib since she's standing up. 
Charlee supervised the situation.

We ended the night with a movie and snuggles from the middle!

Sunday morning this kid requested waffles and bacon for breakfast and everyone was pleased.

Colson has a loose tooth and so he asked to try pulling it out with his bow. Travis tied floss to his tooth and the arrow, but it wasn't successful. He still has a loose tooth.

On Sunday, I finished up another cake and took it to my cousin who let me borrow some pans last week. I made an Ultimate S'mores cake and delivered it but not before keeping a piece to try.

It was sooooooo good! I can't imagine eating the entire cake.... 

Possibly the best part of the weekend was never getting "ready" yesterday and going to bed with all of the laundry done and put away. Knowing that my laundry room looked like this was perfect! I don't know about you, but putting away the laundry is the worst part and it normally occupies that counter for a good week before finding its home!

Happy Monday, friends! Make this week a great one!

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