Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, friends! We had the best weekend but it was busy! I hope you all had a great weekend as well. The weather couldn't have been better, I mean, these cooler temps are the best!

On Friday, the three kiddos were wearing their blue to support the Emmett Huskies!

It was cool and we needed to head to town as soon as Colson got on the bus so I drove to the end of the lane but the boys really wanted to run....

On our way out of town we stopped to see Dad and look at those smiles!!! 
She really loves her Daddy.

I'm not tired.......I don't need a nap. That is the stage we're currently in.

Friday night we ordered pizza, took baths, and then had a movie night!

My parents came and picked up the boys for a sleepover and I had to document Peyton's outfit!

Colson went to his friend, Austin's birthday party. I had to take a picture of the envelope he colored. Instead of buying cards for every occasion, I bought a pack of  blank cards and envelopes. Colson loves making everyone cards and I love how they turn out!

Charlee Jo, Travis and I headed to GG and Papa Les's mountain. Travis helped them with a project while Charlee Jo and I visited with GG. My grandma made us a huge lunch and it was so fun. 

We ended the evening back at home with our boys! Colson and I laid down in my bed so he could read to me. His brother quickly found us and joined the party!

Sunday morning I decided to stay at home and relax with the family. 
Snuggles and coffee to start my day!

Peyton loves coffee!!! I bought a new coffee pot and we all enjoyed the benefits!

All of us put on our Bronco gear...some of us wore Bronco gear from both teams!

My parents stopped by just in time for dinner. After dinner everyone enjoyed the homemade chocolate chip cookies that I made. It's been awhile since I baked anything. I miss baking!

We ended the night with sink baths and....

bedtime! I love that she sleeps on her side!!! 

I hope you have a great week!

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