Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Alaska: Part 1


Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm sharing the first part of our Alaskan vacation. Our vacation didn't start out as planned but we still had a great time. We had planned on leaving on Saturday morning and spend the night in Seattle. However, we had to change our plans last minute.

Also....be prepared for approximately 10948405923 selfies...sorry!

My mom picked us up bright and early Sunday morning. We dropped all the kids off with my in-laws for 8 days. Talk about emotional. 8 days is a long time.

At the airport and ready to begin our trip!

Talk about perfect packing! HA! 

Mama didn't waste any time. I enjoyed a mimosa while we waited for our plane because we arrived at the airport 2 1/2 hours EARLY!!! 

We landed in Seattle, caught the shuttle, and got dropped off at the check-in just in time. I couldn't believe just how big the boat was. There was another Princess boat in port also and holy cow!!! 
The Norwegian Bliss was massive!

They had a replica on board the ship. The replica was big!

We boarded, grabbed a drink and went straight to our cabin. The view from our room was amazing!
We were on deck 9, which I thought was perfect! We were also very close to the middle of the ship.

Then we went and explored the ship. We boarded the ship at 1 and we didn't leave Seattle until 5.
We had a lot of time to explore.

See that giant water slide behind us??? We decided to try it out on Monday while in the middle of the ocean. The plus side of going on a cruise to Alaska in September...no lines for the water slides!

During the mandatory life boat safety drill. I promise you I have no idea what was said during that meeting. I was fully relying on Travis to save my life the entire week. Thankfully, he didn't need to.

Later that night we had reservations at Cagney's Steak House.

This meal was the best meal of the trip. Everything was perfect!

Sunday night we enjoyed a show. The Liverpool Beatles were amazing!

Monday we woke up to this! We may have been in the middle of the ocean, but the view was still beautiful. The water wasn't rough at all. It was smooth sailing.

We went down to Starbucks (so thankful our boat had Starbucks!) and stopped for a Bloody Mary on the way! This picture is so unflattering but I sent it to my mom so I though I'd share!

Ready to hit the water slides! The guys that were life guards, were in coats! There was one other person riding the slides. They were so fun, and went out over the ocean with glass bottoms!

A boat!!! 

Monday night we watched the Bronco game and just enjoyed the views!

Tuesday morning we woke up to see land!

So this was me, enjoying my Starbucks that my husband brought me while I waited for security to come and turn off the smoke detector that I set off with my hair dryer! 

We spent a lot of time out on the balcony of our room.

On Tuesday, we headed into Juneau and we saw over 100 whales. We also saw dolphins.

Enjoying our meal with a view. I ate fish and chips for 90% of our meals and loved them all!

Back to our balcony for some reading.

We arrived in Juneau in the afternoon and the weather was amazing! I was hot in my top and leggings. Travis wore shorts and a t-shirt and never got cold! 

We got off the boat and headed zip-lining. This was the first time I'd been and it was so much fun!
The views were incredible! 

There were six zip-lines and this bridge.

After we got done, we checked out the town of Juneau. Our first stop was the Red Dog Saloon.

The miners would come into the saloon and pin a dollar on the wall so that if they came back without anymore gold, they could at least have a drink. The floor was sawdust and full of animals!

Juneau was a wonderful town. We walked around and went in and out of the shops before we had to go back to our ship.

We ended the night with a giant milkshake back on the boat!

It was a wonderful end to a great day!
Well, that was the first three days of our vacation!

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Natasha said...

We did a road trip to the Yukon and Alaska this past summer. We were supposed to go to Juneau but the Alaska ferry workers went on strike the day before we were supposed to sail. Boo. I'm so sad we missed it. We did get to see Haines and Skagway though.