Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer Book Review

It's my Summer Book Review!

Today, I'm sharing all the books I read over the summer and what I thought of each one! I can't believe how much I read over the summer. I'm not normally a reader but I think that has changed, thanks to book club!

Over the summer, I read six books and LOVED all but one. A couple of these books I read in a matter of two or three days. They were quick reads. All of these books would be great to snuggle up with a blanket and enjoy as the cooler weather approaches.

I kicked off the summer with...

This book was so encouraging and uplifting! Everybody, Always is a faith-based book written by Goff. Goff shares is personal stories about loving people and being loved by others. He's an attorney and professor, which surprised me that he wasn't a pastor. He loves his wife, neighbors, strangers, everyone! He shares how he deals with difficult people. He gives so much encouragement about how to love people and show them grace. This book is so inspiring, practical, realistic, and a book you'll pass on when you're done with it!

This book was cute! This was a great summer read and I finished it in a matter of two days. It's a light read that would be perfect for the beach or a flight! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, that were REALLY far fetched, the sister of the bride and the brother of the groom go on the honeymoon of their siblings. The only problem was that they hated each other and had to pretend to be their siblings. This book was incredibly predictable, but I appreciated how funny and cute it was.

Where the Crawdads Sing was my favorite book of the summer! This book is captivating and I've recommended it to everyone I know! I've shared this book with several people, too! I was drawn in quickly and couldn't put the book down for the two days that it took me to read it. I stayed up several nights until after 1 am so I could find out what happened. I was blown away by the whole book. Without giving too much away, the book is about a young girl that is young and eventually is living alone in the marshes. There is a body that is found and it explains how it unfolds. This book is told in two time periods and Owens does a great job connecting the two. It's fantastic and everyone should read it! I know it's one of the books that I will read again someday!

This was the one book that I didn't like. It tells the story about four siblings going to a gypsy and finding out when they are going to die. Then, it tells the story of each sibling. I thought it was dark and it seemed like I was reading four separate novels. It did all come together at the end, but it took me awhile to make it that far. Overall, I wasn't a fan.

I'm a huge fan of rom-coms so it's no surprise that I love rom-lit. Waiting for Tom Hanks was so cute. It referenced some of my favorite rom-coms such as You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally. If you're looking for a lighthearted and very predictable read, then you'll love this tale of a woman who is waiting for her Tom Hanks! It's sure to leave you feeling happy!

This book is about several generations of women living on Long Island. The women are all connected and their lives intersect in various ways. It goes back and forth between two characters, it also goes from first person to third person, and it goes from present tense and past tense. I'll admit that in the beginning, it was tricky to follow. However, I really like it. I'm adding more Beatriz Williams novels to my list of must reads because I thought it was a great book.

Okay, that's my SUMMER BOOK REVIEW!

I'm already working on a fall book review. I ordered three books from Amazon this week and I'm busy reading! I'm thankful for book club to help me enjoy reading, even books that I normally wouldn't pick up!

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