Thursday, August 22, 2019

Amazon Lately

Today I'm sharing some of my Amazon orders from the last couple of months. It's so random but I thought I'd share!

I ordered these handles for the boy's water bottles. They are amazing! The boys can carry their own bottles without any problem so I don't have to! Yay! They come in a variety of colors.

I ordered this sound machine to keep in the diaper bag for Charlee. She sleeps so well with the sound machine in her room, I was hoping this would help with the car seat. She really didn't like her car seat. I haven't used this as much as I thought I would, but if you have a baby,this might be good for you! It does give off great sound and it will be awesome when the kids stay at my in-laws!

One of Colson's favorite snacks are hard boiled eggs. I picked this up randomly and it works amazingly! If you or anyone in your family likes hard boiled eggs, this is awesome! 

On Amazon Prime Day I saw this and thought of Colson for Christmas so I picked it up. He's into pranking everyone and magic so I think he will love it!

I was out of my favorite mascara so I ordered it on Amazon!

I dropped our remote in the living room several times so it was broke. I finally ordered a replacement and it came in a two pack. I didn't even realize I could replace them on Amazon. What doesn't Amazon sell??? 

Travis and I are getting ready to go on vacation next month so I ordered some packing cubes. I've heard so many amazing things about them so I figured I would give them a try!

I'm in a book club so the last two books I ordered off of Amazon! The Summer Wives, which I would recommend for you to read and Daisy Jones, which I haven't read yet!

Charlee really likes her pacifier so I ordered these so they won't fall on the floor anymore. These are also teethers, which will be nice!

Along with the packing cubes, I ordered this toiletry bag for our next vacation. He always just uses mine, which is great, but it's time he has his own!

What have you been priming lately??? Let me know!

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