Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! And happy (almost) long weekend!!!
This week has been busy, getting used to back to school schedules. Now I'm ready for 3 days of fun!

First up on my list is our morning walk to the bus stop. I was super disappointed that Colson wanted to ride the bus, I wanted to take him and pick him up. However, we all walk down in the mornings and send him off to school. We're only a week into school, but I'm going to say that this time in the mornings is a FAVORITE of mine. In the afternoons, most of the time the littles are napping so we have a few minutes to talk about his day. And...I don't have to wake the kids up from nap to go and pick him up! 

I miss him so much the second he steps on the bus! 
But I'm also so happy that he loves school as much as he does!

I was so excited when a friend from high school came into town and I got to see her not once, but twice this week!!! She lives clear across the country but she's such a great friend. Catching up with her and seeing her girls was obviously a FAVORITE from my week!

I saw this meme this week on some form of social media and I'm 100% guilty of this. I'm horrible about responding but I'm working on it. I got a good laugh out of it.

Peyton and I took Charlee into get her ears pierced this week because baby girls with their ears pierces is my FAVORITE! However, she started crying while I had to hold her still and her brother was not having it! Watching him be protective over her is my FAVORITE!

This boy showing me his muscles after football practice was my FAVORITE! He was so hot that he insisted on taking his shirt off so he could cool down. #boymom

Also, this boy insisted on carrying his own chair and walking all the way back to the car after the football game. Mr. Independent is my FAVORITE but it would be easier to accept some help!

My childhood friend that is truly one of the best people in my life is getting married and she asked me to stand up with her! When she dropped this package off it was my FAVORITE! I can't wait to celebrate her and help her over the next year!

Colson had an eye appointment this week and our eye doctor is our FAVORITE! If you're local, we couldn't recommend Eye to Eye in Star more! We love Dr. Graviet! They are so patient when I go in with all the kids, take their time, and everyone is so friendly!

Luckily, Colson doesn't need glasses although I think he was hoping he could get some!
The doctor did give him some eye drops and he's so excited about them. He asks for them when he wakes up and when he gets home from school. I'm sure the excitement will end soon! 

Reading isn't this kid's favorite thing to do. He loves to be read to but doesn't want to do the actual reading himself. He has 20 minutes of reading homework each night so we're really talking about doing it with a good attitude. We've been reviewing sight words before school in the morning also.

On the way to football he asked if he could read on the way and he read aloud to me on the way to football and then on the way home! So proud of him!!!! Watching his reading ability grow is my FAVORITE! I never loved to read as a kid and I want to show him how awesome reading is!

I've said it a million times but my kids are so lucky to have FIVE great grandparents! This week we went to lunch with Grandma Kay, breakfast with GG and Papa Les, and then Papa Warren came over to play and bring the boys strawberries out of his garden!

These two are trouble!!! Do you see the menu balancing on Papa Les's head?! 

A possible glimpse into the future?! Visiting Dad at work is this kid's FAVORITE thing to do!

Dinner last night was our FAVORITE that we've had in awhile! Both of the boys ate it and then Travis raved about it as well! I'll share the recipe soon because it's so easy!
And who doesn't love easy this time of year!

I hope that y'all have a wonderful loooooooong weekend! We're headed to the first EHS football game tonight to watch my nephew play! We have some other fun plans for the weekend also, and  we're so excited to celebrate one of our favorite people turning 89!


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