Thursday, August 29, 2019

Charlee Jo {Three Months}

Three months, already.
It seems like time is passing by even quicker with this third baby. With two other boys to chase around and keep up with, it seems like I blinked and Charlee is already three months. Sister is changing and developing every single day. 

Charlee Jo at TWO months
She's growing like a weed and filling out her 0-3 months clothes. I need to wash her 3 months clothes because it won't be long before she needs to start wearing them! She seems so loooong! I think that is what makes her seem so big. She is still in size 1 diapers and will be for awhile.

Sister is on a pretty regular schedule when it comes to eating. She is offered 6 ounces at every feeding although at some feedings she only takes between 3 and 4. Those feedings she's normally distracted by one or two big brothers. When it's just the two of us, she normally eats all 6 ounces.

She is all smiles! She is such a happy girl. She smiles in response to anyone saying hello to her or talking to her in a sweet voice. She adores her Daddy! I think he can get the biggest smiles out of her. Her big brothers are also pretty high on her list. She enjoys laying on the floor and "chatting". 

She sucks on her fist and makes the loudest sucking noises I've ever heard. Peyton thinks it's hilarious! "Why you do that, Charlee Jo?"
She loves her swing and will cat nap in her swing in the evenings. I'm so thankful she likes her swing because I can put her in it and talk to her while getting things done. 
She loves her hanging toy that's on her car seat. She'll stare at it and "talk" to it!
She loves to take baths. She's started really kicking her feet and thinks it's the greatest thing when water splashes. The after bath routine might be her least favorite thing. She gets a good cry and is exhausted by the time she gets clothes on. 

She still isn't a fan of tummy time. She will hold her head up and tolerate it....but it only lasts about 5 minutes before she's mad. She wants to be on her back and "talk". Eye contact and focus has been a huge change this month. She seems to be very aware of her surroundings and observe what's going on. She will follow whatever has her attention with her eyes. 

She rolled over this month. She went from tummy to back. The boys and I were so excited when she did it! She can't roll from her back to tummy yet, however, it's only a matter of time. She can roll onto her side so I think it will be soon.

I think we are in the early stages of teething. Sister is always sucking on her fist, we have so much drool, and she thrashes around during feeding sometimes. 

This girl is an amazing sleeper. I know that after saying this, she's going to sleep terrible for the next couple of nights! She takes two naps during the day. One in the morning around 10 and then another one in the afternoon around 1. She naps in her crib unless we're out, then she sleeps fine in her car seat. She also sleeps in her own room at night and has since about 5 weeks old. Dark room, sound machine, and close the door! She sleeps from about 8:30 until 8, although sometimes she'll wake earlier. She's my favorite child just because she lets me sleep all night! *just kidding!!! 
She still sleeps swaddles but I'm going to drop the swaddle now that she's 3 months. She is continually breaking free from the swaddle. She also still uses her Dock a' tot, which is worth every single penny, in my opinion! However, she's been sleeping right in her crib for naps, and we'll do the same for nighttime as well very soon.

She always greets me with a smile when I go in to get her from nap or in the morning!

Sister got her ears pierced this week! She cried during the process because I had to hold her hands down and her head still but the actual ear piercing didn't seem to bother her. 

3 Month photo dump

Happy three months baby girl!

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