Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I'm still having trouble believing we are into August already! Yesterday I took Colson and picked up all his school supplies and we found out who his teacher is. He's really getting excited for the school year to begin. I'm sharing a few favorites from the week!
Okay, first up is our least favorite from the week...

Charlee Jo needed shots at her appointment on Monday and she was mad!

We came home to these three playing legos together! My grandpa came over to stay with the boys and they love it because he plays whatever they want!

I put Charlee down on Peyton's bed while I got the boys ready for bed and she fell sound asleep. It was the cutest thing!

JoAnn called me and asked if I wanted to take the boys to the splash pad in Eagle.

Peyton's favorite part was the playground next to the splash pad! 

They have such a cool playground! The boys had the best time!

Having GG around is everyone's favorite! 

A baby napping on favorite!

These cups are still a favorite around here. I made him take them outside because hearing cups get knocked over again and again is not my favorite!

I got up really early one morning this week and sat out on the back patio to do my quiet time. It was by far my favorite way to start the day. However, by lunch I was so tired!

This girl and her expressions...

It's my favorite to watch my kid's personalities develop. This girl has the best smile!

They are crazy. They are loud. They are mine! And these three are my favorite!!!

I hope you all have the best weekend!!!

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Just Jess said...

Poor Charlee Jo, shots are not fun for anyone. I am also working on getting my quiet time in each morning and I can't wait for cooler mornings in the Fall to read from my balcony.