Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What's Up Wednesday {07/31/19}

It's What's Up Wednesday!

Tomorrow is is that even possible!?

How are we nearing the end of summer???

I'm not ready for school to start. This summer flew by so quickly and we have almost everything left on our summer bucket list. Ugh, I guess that's what happens when you welcome a newborn into your home at the beginning of summer. Here's to ending summer on a high note!

The entire month has been a little weird in the kitchen. Travis and I are both trying to eat better. I've been eating bacon and eggs with Everything but the Bagel season for breakfast everyday. 

I've been eating so many veggies! I can't get enough!

I really miss sugar and sweets.....ugh!

Being pregnant seems like sooooo long ago! I miss it like crazy.

And those sweet newborns are gone in a moment! Our Charlee is already two months old, no longer a newborn, but a baby. I'm still reminiscing about being pregnant and having a newborn!

All the girl clothes and bows! They are just so much fun!!! There is only so much excitement in Nike and Under Armour clothes....sorry boys! But girl clothes are so. much. fun!

Y'all it's so hot! I try my best to keep Colson entertained in the house while the littles sleep because I don't love the heat! We've been playing board games and he's getting pretty good. Does anyone have a board game they love? I'd love some new suggestions. Chutes and Ladders is getting old...

School starting. I mean, didn't summer just start!? I love having all of my kids at home with me. I love not having a strict schedule. I love not having crazy mornings!

As a mom aren't we always working on cleaning!?


It's my favorite season. All of my favorite things are in the fall. The clothes. The colors. Football. Pumpkins. Pumpkin spice. Thanksgiving. Cool mornings. Crisp air. 

I just finished The Immortalists! I'm so happy to be finished with it!

As far as what I'm watching...nothing! We were watching The Bachelorette but that ended last night.

I've been listening to The Immoralists, because it was a hard book to keep me engaged. However,that's over now. We've been listing to a lot of Perry Gripp on Spotify. If you don't know who Perry Gripp is, I'm jealous of you. Colson thinks he is the greatest...

The same!

t-shirt or tank top with shorts!

Going on a date with this hottie! Do you date your spouse? It is the best!

FOOTBALL! I'm excited for high school football and for the Broncos! The boys and I went to a game last week to watch my nephew play. It got me so excited for the season!

Peyton is always making new friends! ;)

I don't think there is anything else new today.

That wraps up What's Up Wednesday!

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Allena said...

We love playing 'Hoot Owl Hoot' (and I especially love that it's a teamwork game and easy enough that my 2.5 year old can participate, even if she doesn't really get what she's doing)! For littler kids, I like Hi-Ho Cherry O, Tumble, and Candyland. I love board games!