Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Life Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Wow, it's been a hot minute since I've made it to the blog. A lot has been going on at our house as we get ready to end summer and kick off the new school year! I can't wait for the change of pace and routine. How about you? Do you want summer to stick around a little longer or are you ready for routine? I thought I'd just share what's been going on lately, which is basically a photo dump from my phone! 

Last week we were invited to a pool party and my kids had so much fun! The boys all swam and then played football. I love watching friendships build, especially when I can enjoy time with their Mamas! 

When we got home, even Colson took a nap! {Praise hands} Meanwhile...

I was able to finish my book!

We also had some cousin time a couple weekends ago. They swam in the little pool, the big pool, played with water balloons, ate pizza, and just had the best time!

Which lead to more tired kiddos!!!

Papa Les paid us a visit and sister was so happy to get some attention! ;)

When you have two big brothers.

Ice cream is always a good idea!

Last week I had to go and have my cat, Hans put to sleep. It was so hard but he was extremely sick. Looking back over the last ten years, he was the best cat! 

I was so sad for the rest of the day so Colson drew me a picture. I love his heart!

We've also been doing some science experiments! 

Colson got this for Christmas and I finally pulled it out for him to work on. He had so much fun with it. It kept him busy and he was learning so I'll call it a win!

Possibly my favorite picture. Sister knows how to get loud!

Charlee Jo and I were ready for game day last week! It's only preseason, but we couldn't be more ready for football season to start!

Charlee and I went and visited Nana at work!

The boys went with Grandma Jo to Cascade and came home filthy! They had so much fun!!!

Nothing short of snuggles around here!

Last weekend, Travis and I took the boys on a fun outing.

We started off the evening at Panda Express.

And then we hit up the miniature golf course! One of these boys followed the rules and one did not.

I love these boys!

Of course we ended with frozen yogurt!

And this sweet girl is loving baths in the kitchen sink! Look at those precious eyes!

That's a look into our world lately. So much fun! I hope you all have the best week!

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