Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Charlee Jo's Birth Story

I am finally sitting down to write our Charlee's birth story. Each experience has been so different and I must say this was the most relaxing way to have a baby! Both of my boys arrived at 38 weeks. When I made it to 38 weeks, I went and got a pedicure, manicure and made sure I was ready just in case my water broke or I went into labor. Well....our girl just had to be different than her brothers! The weekend before my scheduled c-section I was useless. I was so tired and truly ached everywhere. This was the longest I'd experienced pregnancy and I was extremely emotional that it was coming to an end. I honestly loved being pregnant. I knew that without a doubt, this was our last baby.

Sunday night we dropped the boys off with my parents and headed home to pack our bags and get everything ready for an early morning!

On the morning of May 28th, we got up around 3 to get ready and head to the hospital. We had to check-in at 5:30 am and with all the emotions, I slept about two hours.

One last belly picture.

We arrived and were so anxious! It was weird to walk up to labor and delivery to check-in without being in labor.

Once we got checked in, they started giving me fluids through an IV, going over paperwork, and preparing us for what was going to happen. Before I knew it it was 7:30. My doctor came in and made sure I was ready and they wheeled me off to the operating room.
We were both so ready to meet our girl!

They gave me an epidural, spinal block, and once I was numb, they brought in Travis. I was so relieved when he walked in and grabbed my hand. I remember the feeling of peace once I knew he was beside me. I know that he was full of emotions as well, but he is truly my rock and I needed him there. I fell more in love with him on this day. There is just something about your husband being beside you during these moments and then watching him become a father all over again.

Both of the doctors couldn't believe how much Charlee was moving around. She wasn't ready to come out because they announced time of birth at 7:50 and she screamed for a solid 20 minutes after.
The NICU team took her and cleaned her up, weighed her, and made sure she was healthy. Then, Travis cut the umbilical cord. Then I was able to have skin to skin with her.

Travis and Charlee made their way back to the recovery room and I joined him shortly. Our parents were all patiently waiting and were able to come back and join us. After what seemed like forever, they took us to our room.

We stayed in the same room when we had Peyton. No complaints about the view!

We got settled and then my parents came back over with the boys.
Meeting their baby sister for the first time!

Our complete family of FIVE!

The nurses and staff were amazing during our time at the hospital. Our night nurse on the first night gave Charlee a bath and she screamed again for the entire time. 

All clean and in her Daddy's arms. Happy.

I had to stay in the hospital until Thursday. When her doctor came in at 7:30, we started getting ready and packing our room up. We were so ready to be home! We joked with my discharge doctor that we needed to be home in time to watch the Rockies play but secretly, I don't think Travis was joking! 

We signed our discharge papers and were out of the hospital by 10:30!

It's been such a fun two weeks. We're adjusting to life with three kids. The first week that I was home, after Travis went back to work, my mother-in-law came up to help me everyday. She drove me to all my appointments, played with the boys, made dinner/ lunch, cleaned, and anything else I needed. Charlee is still not sleeping through the night and thankfully, Travis also gets up with her. We are starting the Moms On Call this week and I'm praying that it starts helping with her days and nights.

I thank God everyday for our three healthy kiddos!

Charlee Jo Webb 💜 May 28, 2019 💜 7 pounds 13 ounces 💜 20 inches

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